Sunday, July 13, 2008

Camping is for the lake not a steakhouse

Well Friday night started off pretty damn shitty. All three of my tables where sat when I got to work Friday. I thought no big deal, most of the tables where about ready to leave any way and besides I did show up almost 20 minutes early for my shift. Except for that fact that some retarded ass couple sat at my biggest table for almost three hours after finishing there meal. I mean seriously don't people have better things to than sit and talk for three hours? Would it not feel strange to just sit there in the middle of a busy restaurant not eating or drinking anything. I mean maybe I am wrong but you do come to a restaurant to eat, not sit and talk for three hours. Damn. Go play in traffic or something. Either way that turned my three table section into a two table section, a small two table section at that. So on the up side I was able to gives lots off concentrated service to my other two tables and some how made out making okay money.

Saturday started off a whole lot better. I pretty much just worked from 1pm to 10pm and made close to $200 dollars. I think my sales where close to $1300 or $1400 today. I mean think about what 1400 dollars in food could buy at a restaurant. That's like 70 T-bones. Ha! Maybe 70 Well done T-bones. Yeah I know I'm stupid, I am going to bed now. Too tired to type, and I have to close tomorrow. Yay!

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Gurley Man said...

hahaha....go play in traffic or something...

i like your blog!!! Everything's so true