Monday, July 14, 2008

Eating good in the Neighborhood!

Yup this actually happened when i was a cook in a restaurant about 3 years ago.

It was the end of a busy night and I was working the grill. I just told one of the other line cooks I was going on break when one of the servers wanted to know if we could serve shrimp cocktail. I basically told her we could make it if they really wanted it but it would be a while. Not that it takes that long to boil and then cool some shrimp, I just didn't want to do it. Either way I finish my break and come back to the cooks line.

"What? Are you fucking serious?" I proclaimed.

"Yeah, That new manager just totally served that table raw shrimp." The other cook replies.

"What the fuck? Why didn't you stop him? Doesn't he know that shrimp cocktail is not served raw. Its not sushi or some shit."

So basically what happened was the manager took about 12 raw, shrimp from the cooler, arranged them on the rim of a margarita glass that filled with cocktail sauce and took it to the table. I mean I know they have sashimi grade fish and stuff but this is not the case. Who knows who had handled that shrimp or how long it had even been sitting down in that cooler. I tried to tell the server to go get the shrimp from the table but it was to late. They had already eaten all of it. I don't know who is more dumb, the manager for serving it or the table for eating it all. So we confronted the manager about it, and tried to make him go tell the guests what had happened but he wouldn't do it. I guess the server finally told the guests what had happened after they left. Of course they where pissed off, what else would you expect. We told our general manager and area director about the whole thing and the server got in trouble because she told her table what they really ate. Psh! Stupid.


Brad said...

Gotta love the 'bee's, baby. Ha.

Steven Cross said...

...uh...that's too good. And by too good I mean really gross.