Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Horray for mondays. . .NOT!

Not that every sever in the world does not know that Mondays are the slowest day of the week but for anyone who does not know it I'm letting you know that Mondays suck. You know what else? I am declaring Mondays- "National middle-aged Ladies Come in to read a books in your section day". Because that's like the only people we get coming in for like the first two hours of our doors opening. This is the reason I don't ever work Mondays, but i picked up a shift for a friend, and I really need the money, so maybe I shouldn't be complaining. But to make things worse I showed up early for my closing shift hoping to make some extra money and the hostess did not even put me in the rotation for tables. I mean its not that hard...pick up the damn expo marker and circle my tables! I should not have to come to the host stand every 10 minutes to make sure that host is doing there job. So to sum the night up, it was really slow and didn't make shit for money.

On another note, we are expecting a visit from "corporate" or AKA people that make a hell of a lot more money than you and stand around telling how you have been fucking up. So that means lots of extra cleaning duties, and people watching over your shoulder, yay! I mean i just love cleaning ceiling tiles and such...not. Well I guess we will see how things turn out with our corporate visitors showing up this week.

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