Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Welcome, My first post...Guess what? Its about well done t-bones.

This is my first blog post..Ever. I'm not even sure if any one will read this, but whatever. I have never liked the idea of keeping a blog until i Stumbled Upon I thought, what a damned good idea why didn't I think of this before now?

Either way lets get the point.
Well done t-bones. WHY?
1. It just tastes like crap. I have tried a well done t-bone and well done fillet it taste horrible. If you are going to spend 20-30 dollars on a steak and burn it just order the sirloin its a lot cheaper. No on second thought...i would rather have higher sales...order one togo!

2. Don't complain about the wait for your food! It takes a hella long time to cook! Any thing with a bone in it takes a long time to cook on a grill. The only way we are going to get your T-bone cooked all the way through is by tearing part of meat away from the bone and pressing the shit out of it. Also another thing, we have to "call back" any well done t-bones to the grill cook before sending the order so they have extra time to start cooking it.

3. Can i have Ketchup, A-1, Heinz 57 or any other steak sauce? If the steak is cooked right it should not need any steak sauce. Oh yeah never mind you ordered yours well done. A-1 or 57 maybe, but come on ketchup!? That's just gross.

4. The last thing i have to say about the well done t-bone is that most people that order well done t-bones are trashy or ghetto, its like they order just as a status symbol., and then DON'T TIP! They don't care what it tastes like, they just want to order the biggest baddest thing on the menu. Its just like having the biggest rims or most jewelry or whatever...Its like only wanting Patron because you hear T-pain sing about it, but don't even know its tequila! It does not mater if it looks or tastes like shit, it was expensive. No I'm not talking about black people, I notice people like this off all colors, genders, ages or whatever.

Well sorry if I pissed any one off. Everyone is entitled to ordering there steak how they like it, just don't complain about it taking to long to cook or it being dry!

Well this is the first of many to come...I'm sure it wont be long before my next post!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Haha, I like your blog.

I've been waiting tables for a few years now. I used to have a server's blog, but I shut it down a while back so I could focus on other things. I am getting back in to the writing game now, and my niche will (hopefully) be as a Hooters Girl. I'm thinking that that will be pretty entertaining!

Anyways, check it out some time, and let me know what you think!