Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sour night turned good

Tonight started out pretty shitty. Basically the first few tables I had mostly ordered salads and appetizers for the meals. Then I had a party of four sit at one of my large tables for over an hour. There tab was like 110 dollars and they tipped me barely 15%. Normally it would not have been that big of a deal but I missed out on a party of eight, and that's an automatic 18%. Then all through the rest of the night I get the same stuff, people that are only ordering salads and burgers. Not to mention our kitchen has been sucking ever since our rock star grill cook transferred to a store on the other side of town, and our only good salad guy took off to culinary school in California, so all of the food was running long. Then on my very last table I get sat with two women and mother and daughter from the looks it. So they ordered two appetizers and drinks from the bar. For there entree they order a large fillet, a ribeye, both with salads and add then added on a side of shrimp, then they order two deserts and a t-bone togo. There tab was 120 dollars. They tipped me 60 dollars! I was completely shocked, I mean I know I give pretty good service and its not uncommon to get a 20 dollar tip from a couple every once and a while, but I certainly didn't expect a 60 dollar tip from just two people.

Either way on a second note I am having fun bartending and making pretty good money so far. Between bartending and serving I made pretty good money the last week.


banquet manager said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting a comment. I enjoyed yours too, good luck.
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Steven Cross said...

Hey man, I saw this and it made me think immediately of your blog.

keep up the good life.