Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sour night turned good

Tonight started out pretty shitty. Basically the first few tables I had mostly ordered salads and appetizers for the meals. Then I had a party of four sit at one of my large tables for over an hour. There tab was like 110 dollars and they tipped me barely 15%. Normally it would not have been that big of a deal but I missed out on a party of eight, and that's an automatic 18%. Then all through the rest of the night I get the same stuff, people that are only ordering salads and burgers. Not to mention our kitchen has been sucking ever since our rock star grill cook transferred to a store on the other side of town, and our only good salad guy took off to culinary school in California, so all of the food was running long. Then on my very last table I get sat with two women and mother and daughter from the looks it. So they ordered two appetizers and drinks from the bar. For there entree they order a large fillet, a ribeye, both with salads and add then added on a side of shrimp, then they order two deserts and a t-bone togo. There tab was 120 dollars. They tipped me 60 dollars! I was completely shocked, I mean I know I give pretty good service and its not uncommon to get a 20 dollar tip from a couple every once and a while, but I certainly didn't expect a 60 dollar tip from just two people.

Either way on a second note I am having fun bartending and making pretty good money so far. Between bartending and serving I made pretty good money the last week.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Guinness -- Perfect Pint Pour

Thought this was interesting video

Insufficient Dressing

Its been a long time since my last post, I have been busy training behind the bar and still trying to pick up serving shifts so I can actually pay my bills. Business has been picking up the last few weeks, which is good because our bar clientele has been pretty poor. I don't have any interesting stories to post right now all though I did have a guy tell me his "Ranch Dressing was Insufficient." I would have started laughing but the guy was actually pretty pissed. So I brought him a small bowl of dressing and told him, "Hope this will hold you over." He just looked at me shit shocked. Well what the hell did he expect.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well they finally convinced me to train behind the bar. I was reluctant at first because it has not been very busy in the bar area, but business is starting to pick up now and I have always wanted to be a bartender. So I start training the 24th.

Other than that I think I have strep throat so I have not been into work for the last 4 days. Well I hope I feel better tomorrow because I cannot afford to miss a Friday night.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Eating good in the Neighborhood!

Yup this actually happened when i was a cook in a restaurant about 3 years ago.

It was the end of a busy night and I was working the grill. I just told one of the other line cooks I was going on break when one of the servers wanted to know if we could serve shrimp cocktail. I basically told her we could make it if they really wanted it but it would be a while. Not that it takes that long to boil and then cool some shrimp, I just didn't want to do it. Either way I finish my break and come back to the cooks line.

"What? Are you fucking serious?" I proclaimed.

"Yeah, That new manager just totally served that table raw shrimp." The other cook replies.

"What the fuck? Why didn't you stop him? Doesn't he know that shrimp cocktail is not served raw. Its not sushi or some shit."

So basically what happened was the manager took about 12 raw, shrimp from the cooler, arranged them on the rim of a margarita glass that filled with cocktail sauce and took it to the table. I mean I know they have sashimi grade fish and stuff but this is not the case. Who knows who had handled that shrimp or how long it had even been sitting down in that cooler. I tried to tell the server to go get the shrimp from the table but it was to late. They had already eaten all of it. I don't know who is more dumb, the manager for serving it or the table for eating it all. So we confronted the manager about it, and tried to make him go tell the guests what had happened but he wouldn't do it. I guess the server finally told the guests what had happened after they left. Of course they where pissed off, what else would you expect. We told our general manager and area director about the whole thing and the server got in trouble because she told her table what they really ate. Psh! Stupid.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Camping is for the lake not a steakhouse

Well Friday night started off pretty damn shitty. All three of my tables where sat when I got to work Friday. I thought no big deal, most of the tables where about ready to leave any way and besides I did show up almost 20 minutes early for my shift. Except for that fact that some retarded ass couple sat at my biggest table for almost three hours after finishing there meal. I mean seriously don't people have better things to than sit and talk for three hours? Would it not feel strange to just sit there in the middle of a busy restaurant not eating or drinking anything. I mean maybe I am wrong but you do come to a restaurant to eat, not sit and talk for three hours. Damn. Go play in traffic or something. Either way that turned my three table section into a two table section, a small two table section at that. So on the up side I was able to gives lots off concentrated service to my other two tables and some how made out making okay money.

Saturday started off a whole lot better. I pretty much just worked from 1pm to 10pm and made close to $200 dollars. I think my sales where close to $1300 or $1400 today. I mean think about what 1400 dollars in food could buy at a restaurant. That's like 70 T-bones. Ha! Maybe 70 Well done T-bones. Yeah I know I'm stupid, I am going to bed now. Too tired to type, and I have to close tomorrow. Yay!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Gift Cards

Everyone likes to receive a gift card to their favorite restaurant. But most people do not seem to understand the basic rules and ethics behind leaving a proper tip while using a gift card.

Okay here is a simple scenario-

Okay lets just say a family is sat at one of your tables. They order appetizers, alcohol, steaks and finish off with dessert for a grand total of 100 dollars. They had great service and the food was good. So you should be expecting at least a tip of 15-20 dollars right? No, because Joe schmo used 75 dollars worth in gift cards and gives you 30 dollars and says, "keep the change." Yeah thanks, asshole you just got 75 dollars worth off free food and you cant even leave a 15 dollar tip. Ya GTFO asshole. The tip should still be based off the total amount of the bill, not just the amount that you had to pay out of pocket. The server still had to pay tip share off total amount of the the bill. Well i guess I am done ranting about that.

Sometimes I laugh at people that hand me gift cards, because they don't even know how to use them. This actually happened to me the other day. . .

I get sat with a biker/hillbilly type couple on a Friday night. So I greet the table as usual but before I can even introduce my self the biker guy hands me a 25 dollar gift card and tells me to double check to make sure there is money on it. so I check the balance. sure the card says $25.o0. They split a small order of prime rib, and ravage through like 5 loafs of bread. the total comes to right about $20. Now I still have not charged them for soft drinks, which are like $2.50 a piece. I Think to my self, if i charge them for the soft drinks, I am totally not got getting a tip because it was obvious they did not want spend any more than whats on the gift card. So I don't charge them for soft drinks, after all they where pretty nice. So I charge gift card for the 20 dollars or whatever, leaving about a 5 dollar balance on the gift card. So here comes the fun part of trying to explain the simple task of signing and totaling the gift card receipt.

Me: "Here is your receipt, you have a 5 dollar balance on your card . Just fill in the total and sign the bottom."

Customer: "Huh? what you talking bout, I don't know nothing bout this stuff, uh what are we supposed to do?

Me: "Its just like a credit card, you can leave a tip on the gift card if you like just subtract the tip from the remain balance of the 5 dollars and just sign the bottom.

Customer: "Wha? we don't understand this Fancy stuff, here you do it."

Me: "umm..sure if you want me to. . ."

They just kinda got up and left, leaving the gift card. Well its five dollars more than I had before.